Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blog Nine: A Discussion

          Coming up with a discussion was very difficult for me, when there is no specific topic it's hard to think of one. I think I want to start a discussion about the Death-By-Dignity Act. This act is basically getting permission to end your life with Barbiturates. This wasn't really brought to attention until a woman named Brittany Maynard moved to Oregon to take advantage of the act. Brittany was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, she had about 6 months to live and she decided she wanted to end her own life so she wouldn't suffer.  This spread tons of controversy. There were some people totally for it, and some that thought it was incredibly selfish.  She had planned to pass away after her husband's birthday, and on that day she decided to hold off. She recently went through with it and passed away at home with her family. Is there a right answer here? Was she brave or cowardly?
           Suicide is a very tough subject, especially in a situation like this. She was terminally ill and was given 6 months to live. I think that if she can talk and speak and still do things herself I completely think that was her choice. She didn't want to suffer anymore she wanted to die with dignity and you have to respect that. Yes, her family was obviously devastated but she's also the one with Cancer, not them. Although what if there was a miraculous way to treat it and she could get better?  Did she wait long enough? Thats where it gets confusing.
          I think suicide is very sad, it makes me sad to think that someone could feel like they have no other option than to end their life. I know suicide and this act are a tad bit different but very similar. Suicide is also a touchy subject because in the Bible it states if you commit suicide you will go to Hell and thats where it becomes a debate.  I think if you are ill enough and would find peace with death that is your choice. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Blog Eight: Where do you get your News?

     My news source was Twitter, and almost all of my news was unnecessary.  Yes, I use Twitter to mostly keep up with my friends' news. When I was assigned to look at actual news sites within Twitter it was difficult to actually find something important. Most of the stories consisted of things I wouldn't really consider as news. They were about small things that happened and didn't effect large masses of people like something like CNN would. I don't think Twitter is a good source to keep updated on very important news because they aren't life changing stories at all.  When I think of news I don't picture Twitter as a top choice at all,  I picture something like CNN.  Twitter's intentions of news, in my opinion, is more for entertainment. It's put on there I think for views not necessarily to inform. I don't recommend this site for serious news information, and I don't think I will look to Twitter when wanting to know something super important. Telling from my news scores, Twitter wasn't helpful at all none of the questions related to what I have found on Twitter.  Most of my news answers were just guesses and it didn't help me discover anything new.
     Hmmmm, why does news matter? News matters because without news, how would we know what is happening in our world? It is the news' job to keep us informed about tragedies and attacks and things we NEED to know about. I think without news we would be very unprepared.  News is depressing in a way because it is reality. In reality, news isn't all rainbows and sunshine. There are sad and evil things going on in the world and we as a society need to be aware of them. To say it's better to off not knowing the news, I don't think is correct.  You need to be updated on the news it talks of disease and massacres and things like that. To not be updated on that kind of stuff is silly.  The world is a nosey place,  news is a excellent example. We are so eager to learn about the murders and scandals going on in the world which is just like high school.  High school is full of wandering ears and I think that is thanks to society and things like the news.

Stories on Twitter

Friday, April 3, 2015

Blog Five: Design

          Design is a very important component in journalism, because design is what catches the eye. Without a good design or presentation their wouldn't be as big of an audience. When you first look at an article or something with the news the design is what draws you in and keeps you wanting to read more. Design can actually be very influential, it a design is good enough it can cause people to notice and either read what you want them to; your ideas can also help others to become inspired and try to re-create that same idea. When you have a great design it gives people the motivation to keep reading the important part, which is your news element.
        Even though design is essential in a journalistic standpoint, it's also important in other things. Advertiment needs to have awesome designs to really sell what they want to sell as well. With things like beer commercials to have men having the time of their lives helps to really sell it. Restraunts will have the very best picture of their food on their menus to really help the people decide on what they want. Choices on meals aren't always made on the words, but the picures, people will point and say "I want that." Everything wouldn't be as interesting if it were all black and white.
         Basically everyone can be a designer, whether it's at school or at home making yourself a PB&J, anything can be art and therefore if you make it you are a designer.  Although anyone can do it some are more rounded than others and they will make it a profession. Thats when you have interior designers or web designers to be make big executive decisions and try to get the biggest audience possible. I've learned that design can really help people decide what they want. Maybe they weren't sure they wanted to read something, but if the design is eye ball worthy they will. Also I have learned that too much is too much; I've learned things like spacing and contrasting to really make my designs pop and catch eyes.
          I think in life, you would want to be a better designer than a writer. Designers get to take awful things like houses and turn them into something awesome. Actual designers don't take the easy way out, they are thorough and really love what they do. I hope to design something with a great audience too.

These are some of the many types of designers:



Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blog Four: Choice

            News is a word of many definitions, mine and yours, are probably different. When I think of news I think of information I should know, and  I usually would expect it to be about ISIS or something with politics. This would classify as boring, to me, but I do think it's important to know updates from things like ISIS. I'm not going to say I sit at home and watch Kare 11 news, because that would be a lie. The news we as teenagers usually care about it simple; we care about the latest celebrity gossip and new trending vines. That however, is what we taught ourselves and have taught each other. I don't think not knowing what is happening is beneficial. Although our generation might not read the newspaper or watch the news channel, we are constantly updated by our peers of families. This is where bias comes into play, when you have an opinion about something you tend to tell someone in they way you believe. This causes me to wonder, should we be watching the news channel?
           Apps and program are being created so we have the news we want to be updated on. Some can choose sports and others can choose fashion trends.  Programs like this are helpful to keep you familiarized with the topics you care about, however if we are only updated on certain things how will we understand or keep updated on worldwide crises and breaking news. This is where the differences of definitions come in. Our choices about the news are our own, so if we are missing out on the very important things do the not-so important things really matter? I don't think bad descisions about news are made, if it is interesting to you personally, read it.
           He-said She-said journalism, I think, it's very interesting. It allows you to see viewpoints form every angle.  On topics that people are very passionate about (abortion and gay marriage) it's very interesting to see both thought processes. It's also neat to see who is persuaded  by such strong opinions, who will follow along and who will believe what they believe. Some people will make excellent points and I think that's what is cool, people have the power to change set-in-stone opinions with the power of their words.
           The difference between doctors and journalism is quite large. I would trust a doctor, because he will give straight facts without saying what his opinions are on what I should do. A journalist can have many opinions and not hard facts just what they think on the subject. This separates the two fields completely. I'm not sure where journalism is headed at this point maybe our generation just has to make better choices on what we listen to; otherwise, we could just choose to know football scores and which celebrity is pregnant (again).

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Three: The Future of Journalism

           As the years go by technology is getting more and more advanced, and it can be hard to keep up.  Newspaper is going to be ancient in just a matter of time, which is odd because it seems that newspapers such as the Star Tribune are some of the only reliable news sources.  Reporters are starting to have competition with websites such as Twitter and Reddit, and even websites like BuzzFeed are stepping way from the gossip and delivering news that's is happening in the world around us. The job of a reporter has always been to deliver "clear-cut" news, but now on websites like Twitter anyone (with a degree or not) can post news with usually with no hesitation. Is what we as a society are posting really news though or is it more of a he-said she-said?
           Our group project was called Newscast, which was an app/ program to deliver reliable news to the technology around us (phones and laptops).  Our project wasn't exactly done but basically it was something you put in your audio jack and you can watch the news in holographic form. The app can customize your feed so you can categorize your news on whatever you like best. Basically, it was a TV built inside your phone not on your screen.  I think this "invention" is very realistic, there were rumors before that the Iphone 6 was going to be holographic, this idea doesn't seem too far fetched.
            All of our projects were ideas based on what we think our technology now and in the future is capable of.  The projects all seemed very realistic, and relative to what our technology has advanced to.  I thought this project was a good idea to see how creative we are and see in what direction technology is heading.

         I thought the concept of our idea was good. The Newscast concept was a very realistic idea. I thought our group worked well together we had the ability to all get out ideas in a laid-back kind of way. We could have however, put more time into in, I think we thought that we had more time than we actually did.  We kind of spaced and no one worked on it over the weekend.  If we could redo our project we would probably spend more time on the "what" questions, and have more of a plan (of attack) for when we presented. I think from this experience I can defiinitely learn about time management for future projects. We also didn't really have a person who was in control so maybe next time I am doing a group project we can find the person willing to take control. Overall, I thought it was a fun project though!

Our news cast project 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Blog Two: What is Journalism?

              Journalism has been around since the 1920's but is journalism really journalism anymore?  The tools used to create journalism has changed tremendously over the years; from using nothing but ink and paper as a reporter, to a random person sitting next to you pushing a button.  The real questions are: How does journalism continue to exist when you only need to a twitter to post it? (and) For how long will journalism last when it is going in this direction?
              These questions have very complicated answers and I'm worried simply because if  no one buys newspapers or watches the channel 4 news anymore, than the news will be nothing but gossip and dirt on celebrities. Journalism in my opinion, is very different to the news,  In the news it is more educational and gives you updates on the world around us where as journalism gets the scoop on specific people- still educational and informative but not on the world.  I think that journalism hasn't always been like this but will quickly change because of all the social media that is involved now (twitter, instagram, and facebook) and it is starting to effect my generation and soon we won't even know what the newspaper is and I think that's very sad.  With the way that journalism and the news exists now we won't know the difference between what is real and what isn't.
               Realistically, we don't know what journalism is anymore (or at least I don't). Anyone who is anyone can post something as true, and we as an audience have no idea if what we are reading or watching is accurate. Taking the audience away from the news and newspaper isn't a good thing because when no one watched the news anymore they aren't prepared and educated on things like ISIS  or things that we as a country or state should definitely know. At this exact moment I'm not really sure what journalism is, but I know what I want it to be. I want it to be accurate and I don't want to ever have to second guess or question what I'm reading, I also know it hasn't been this way in a long time because on Twitter there isn't a filter to tell you when your information is accurate or not you can post it whether it has been confirmed as the truth or not and that for some reason really bothers me. To be honest, I think that it's about to get much worse.